Columbia University Text-As-Data Workshop 2018

Thursdays November 8th to December 6th (excluding Thanksgiving week)

2:30-4pm in IAB (International Affairs Building) room 707

Specifically, info for the four sessions is as follows:

  1. Thursday November 8, 2:30-4pm, IAB 707
  2. Thursday November 15, 2:30-4pm, IAB 707
  3. Thursday November 29, 2:30-4pm, IAB 707
  4. Thursday December 6, 2:30-4pm, IAB 707

I emailed this survey out to get a peek into the minds of people who want to attend the workshop, so that I know things like where to start, what knowledge to assume, and what types of examples or text collections yall would find interesting.

Last but definitely not least, you’ll be in a really good spot if you complete this Interactive R Tutorial before the first workshop. But I’ll still go over the topics briefly just in case.

Workshop Sessions

  1. First Workshop: A Gentle But SPEEDY Introduction to R

  2. Second Workshop: Web Scraping.

  3. Third Workshop Part I: TF-IDF

  4. Third Workshop Part II: Topic Modeling with ggplot2

  5. Fourth Workshop: Named Entity Recognition

Bonus Material

Stuff I wasn’t able to get to during the workshop, plus a few tutorials I’ve led more recently:

  1. Machine Learning with Text

  2. Sentiment Analysis

  3. Stylometry